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Hello, we are BrandEngine

Why We Do What We Do

So many people claim they can do what they pretend they could do. I started BrandEngine because I want to become a small business hero. Let me explain. As a small business owner, how many times have you been offered to get your website made?
Your online ad campaign? Your reputation/reviews management? How many times can you say it works more than it didn’t worked? Exactly my point.

You see, there are a lot of people out there, and even “agencies,” that claim they can do what you believe they can do. In reality, they don’t. Why? Because they’ve never run a small business themselves, don’t know how small businesses operates, and what needs to be exactly put on your website to get your point across your potential customer.
Yet, you get pitched left and right about the next shiny solution they can offer. It ends here.

Who We Are

BrandEngine is a new business venture that our founder started. Don’t skip though! The reason I say this is because we’ve had over 15 years of IT experience combined. We’re a small team, that can expertly handle your website needs, from building, designing,
and maintaining your website, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to reach as many small businesses out there as possible. We believe that our service and core values will help change your lives as much as it changes ours. With that said, we are here to stay and help as many as we can.

Our Vision

10 years from now, we would love to reach 1,000 small business owners, and help them with their online presence. We want to be able to give them the best solution there is in order for them to increase their online sales, add more revenue to their business,
and increase their overall in-store visits.

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